Free Sunday Family Afternoon

Newport National School @11pm- 4.30pm




  • Big Bear Planetarium shows
  • Discovery Science Lab with scheduled activities designed for school children
  • Discussions with amateur astronomers and advice
  • Information tables
  • Astronomy Story Telling
  • Face painting
  • Drawing
  • Free Astronomy DVD’s google-maps-icon-3-300x222
  • Cosmic Exhibits and displays
  •  Solar Projection

 Big Bear Planetarium

1368 Free Tickets for Big Bear Planetarium Shows will be available from the Festival HQ at Newport Tourist Office next to Parades Gift Shop on George’s street in the days before the official launch on Friday October 28th. They will be delighted to introduce their state-of-the-art mobile planetariums using Fulldome 360-degree 3D digital projection technology, which have stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations. Discover the many fascinating facts about our Universe.

Rocket Building Workshops

Skidmark Capture

11.30pm – 1.30pm

Rocket Building workshop with Eric Stenzel of the the Irish Rocketry Society age (9 – 16)  Very limited tickets priced €15 will also be available.google-maps-icon-3-300x222

Irish Rocketry Society  Launch at Newport GAA pitch @2pm, Click on the Googe Maps icon for the location of the pitch, that is just up the road from Newport National School.

See their website at http://www.irishrocketry.com

For more information see THIS short RTE Nationwide clip about the Society and their involvement in a rocket building workshop at a secondary school in Tuam, Co. Galway.

Science Ireland: Hands on Science Shows

Science Ireland visits both primary and secondary schools providing science shows designed to explain science principles using everyday objects. The shows are performed using all our own equipment which limits the disruption to you and the students. Since 2001, Declan Holmes has been presenting interactive science shows to over 80,000 students in 1000 schools around the country.

Cosmic Art

Also at the school will be a display of some beautiful Cosmic themed paintings by a Polish native; Iwona Stefanczuk Blasi now based in Dublin whose influences include Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Gaudi. Her three photos below are just a sample of her exquisite work that can be seen at the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ifstef

Captureiwona 12670260_1100481283310127_1368961834442096574_n 1934060_1087237134634542_7114172414891954906_n

 Family Themed Public Lecture @4pm in Hotel Newport

This Free Family themed talk will be given by Professor Lorraine Hanlon from the Physics Department at University College Dublin & Emer O Boyle  from the UCD Parity Studios and will be entitled “Dancing with the Stars – A Voyage through the Galaxy

“Planet Earth orbits a star that is one of many stars in the Milky Way galaxy. We know from observations that the Milky Way is also home to planets around other stars, black holes (including a giant one at the centre of the galaxy) and lots of gas and dust.  But most of our galaxy’s mass is in the form of ‘dark matter’ that is invisible to us. 

An amazing European satellite called ‘Gaia’ is making the best ever map of the Milky Way to help us understand how the galaxy formed and what it is made of.

In this presentation we will go on an illustrated journey through the Milky Way, exploring its shape, size and evolution and finding out why Gaia’s survey of the stars is revolutionising Astronomy”